How to cook like a Falmouth student is a blog for student’s part of University College Falmouth & University of Exeter (Cornwall Campus). Providing you with information on cooking in the student kitchen involving recipes, interviews with food specialists and advice on any cooking worries! This invites the foodies and the students who need help with cooking! I am a 3rd year student and have always been passionate about cooking.

I’ll admit in my first year I grilled my shepherds pie and I blamed the Tremough’s ovens but it wasn’t until the 3rd week, I realised I had chosen the wrong setting. I lived with 7 flat mates who were easy going, fun and occasionally noisy!

As a student you’ll spend a lot of time in the kitchen with your flat mates, when I was in halls I was known as the ‘know it all cook’. The most popular question I got asked was: “How do I know if it is cooked?”- One of my flat mates had real trouble with *cooking sausages, she thought that they had to be black to be cooked! In my opinion that’s not tasty!

This isn’t a blog to show off my cooking skills, it’s more about the learning and the experiences I have gained while cooking in the kitchen at Uni and I want to share them with you. Also with recipes coming from food businesses across Cornwall, we are here to serve you an essential guide to cooking in the kitchen at University.

Please get in touch if you want some advice on cooking, any suggestions you may have or you just want to chat!

Keep cooking!

Jo Feather

*For Sausages to be cooked they need to be piping hot in the middle before eating and definitely not black. They don’t even need to be brown! — But they look nicer if they are! *



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