Contributors needed!

This food blog can’t happen without you!

Looking for Chefs, Companies and Foodies to submit recipes that promote their business. 

Especially looking for companies that source food locally as this blog’s audience reach is students of Falmouth (Cornwall Campus). I hope to give students a chance to cook and taste local produce while appealing to there needs!

Also, I would also like to record some food demonstrations!

Please get in touch:


Jo Feather


2 thoughts on “Contributors needed!

  1. I’m a student that loves to cook (Exeter not UCF but still based in Falmouth!) and I would like to contribute with recipes etc if that is something you might be interested in?

    Good luck with this site, I can see it being a real success!

    Kate Hughes

    • Hi Kate,
      Thanks for getting in touch!
      What’s your style of cooking? I’m more of an experimental cook and my recipes generally are about chucking things in and forgetting about the measurements etc.
      Would love for you get involved!
      What course you on?

      All the best

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